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SimVibe Software (Sim Commander Lite)

SimVibe is a highly advanced tactile feedback solution. It extracts physics data from supported PC titles and generates real-time audio signals for use with audio amplifiers and bass transducers such as Aura, ButtKicker, Clark and Dayton Audio.

  • True Physics Based Feedback
  • Multi-Dimensional Tactile Feedback From All Four Wheels
  • Compliments Existing Motion Simulators & Motionless Racing Cockpits

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Buttkicker Mini LFE SE

The ButtKicker Mini LFE SE is the first bass transducer purpose designed for use with SimVIbe. The SE Edition of the popular Mini LFE is the result of collaboration between the engineers at ButtKicker and SimXperience. The result is redesigned internals that provide greater detail and accuracy while reducing the overall noise output of the transducer.

  • Excellent Reproduction of Detail
  • 10Hz - 250Hz response
  • Optimized for Use With SimVibe

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