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Actuator Mounting and Dampening Kit

SimXperience Actuator Cover Mounting and Dampening Kit For Motion Simulators


The SimXperience Actuator Mounting Cover and dampening rod provides enhanced form and function to your DIY Motion Simulator project.

  • Designed to accomodate SCN5 100mm and 150mm linear actuators (sold seperately)
  • Powder coated for maximum durability and a beautiful finish
  • Inline Dampeners improve the overall quality of motion by simulating vehicle suspension and therefore helping to provide more fluid & realsitic motion
  • Hand Adjustable dampeners allow the ability to fine tune your dampening
  • Prolongs the life of your actuators
  • Quality SimXperience Construction

NOTE: Sold Individually

SimXperience simulators create the ultimate immersion by employing a variety of techniques. First and foremost we manipulate your inner ear / sense of balance to create a sense of motion. We combine this with minute body pressure cues by creating just enough roll and pitch to utilize your body weight to create these pressures. Finally, we combine the the body pressure and sense of balance manipulation with kinesthesia (skeletal and muscle pressure manipulation).

Our simulators are designed to optimize the principles of kinesthesia and proprioception. This concept is often applied in advanced Olympic training programs.

The fact is that no simulator can provide the full G-Forces, torque, etc.. that an actual vehicle can, therefore a simulator must fool the brain into perceiving these effects in an immersive manner. We achieve this with the three concepts described above, emphasizing muscle pressures.

The key to creating the properly scaled muscle pressures lies in the fact that we choose not to move the wheel and pedals, and only the occupant. You can easily see how under braking, for example, that we can apply the same pressure to the muscles in your wrist and forearms as would be applied in an actual vehicle. Simulators that attempt to move the entire cockpit (wheel included) could only create these pressures if they were able to create the exact same G-Forces as the real vehicle AND sustain them. Simple vibrating seat paddle simulators can create neither the muscle pressures or manipulate your sense of balance.

Our unique combination of these techniques results in one of the most advanced and immersive simulations available anywhere at any price.

However, it's not enough to simply create this immersion. The human brain will continually attempt to break the immersion by attempting to identify movements that are not to scale with real world movements or that were unexpected. We go to great lengths to ensure that each motion profile created meets a strict criteria that focuses on the reduction of these "negative motion cues". However, not everyone will be immersed by the exact same criteria and some tweaks to the motion profiles may be required to achieve near perfect immersion for a particular individual. The SimXperience Stage Series of simulators is based on our industry leading, low latency, parallel tasking Sim Commander 4 motion engine software. This software offers unbeatable ease of use, performance and immersion personalization.

Actuator Mounting Kit - Red
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