Sim Racing Center Grand Opening

Circuit Sim Racing Launches Exciting Sim Racing Center with SimXperience Simulators

Akron, Ohio — In an exhilarating development for racing enthusiasts, Circuit Sim Racing, a valued customer of SimXperience, has officially opened its doors to the public. The new Sim Racing Center promises an adrenaline-fueled experience for all who seek the thrill of competitive racing in a virtual world.

Cutting-Edge Simulators for Ultimate Realism

At the heart of the Circuit Sim Racing Center are SimXperience Stage 5 full motion racing simulators. These state-of-the-art machines deliver unparalleled realism, immersing drivers in heart-pounding on track action. With precise force feedback, body pressures, motion cues, high-definition visuals and vibratory feedback, participants will feel every twist, turn, and acceleration as if they were behind the wheel of a real race car.

Key Features of the Sim Racing Center:

  1. SimXperience Stage 5 Simulators: The center boasts 10 fully loaded Stage 5 simulators, each equipped with advanced features such as adjustable pedal sets, realistic steering wheels, and immersive motion platforms. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-timer, these simulators provide an authentic racing experience.
  2. ESR-2 Pro and ESR-3 Pro Simulators: In addition to the Stage 5 simulators, Circuit Sim Racing offers the ESR-2 Pro and ESR-3 Pro models. These simulators allow drivers to fine-tune their racing skills.
  3. Business-in-a-Box Solution: As part of our commitment to supporting sim racing centers, SimXperience provides a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs. Our Business-in-a-Box package includes everything needed to set up a successful sim racing center. From simulators and software to installation and training, we ensure that your business is up and running smoothly.

The SimXperience Advantage

SimXperience has been a driving force in the sim racing industry, delivering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer support. Our commitment to realism, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Whether you’re an aspiring sim racing center owner or a passionate driver, we’re here to fuel your passion for racing.

Visit the Circuit Sim Racing Center in Los Angeles, CA today and experience the thrill of virtual racing like never before. Buckle up, hit the gas, and let the excitement begin!

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