Pat Dotson and The UltraForce GS-4 Officially Join the SimXperience Team

Pat Dotson, owner and operator of UltraForce Simulations in Kokomo Indiana, is now an official member of SimXperience. Pat brings with him his staple product, The Ultraforce GS-4 G-Seat, and many years of engineering and racing simulation experience.

New GS-4 customers now receive a free copy of the SimXperience Commander Software (SimVibe Edition), allowing the GS-4 to immediately provide physics based tactile feedback (SimVbe), virtual dashboard, virtual button box features, and the highly customizable SimXperience “Sim Setup” Buttons for organizing and launching simulation titles.

A motion simulation software engine is the heart of any motion simulator. It creates the simulators movement instructions and is therefore one of the most critical pieces of the performance puzzle.  The SimXperience Sim Commander 3 motion engine leads the way in ease of use, performance and tuning capability. 

In the months to come the GS-4 is slated to be fully integrated with and controlled by the SimXperience Sim Commander software offering increased tunability of motion racing simulator motion featuressettings as well as support for several additional simulation titles (see full list here). All G-Seat owners will qualify for a free upgrade to the Commander software when the integration is complete and all future versions of the G-Seat will be controlled by the Commander.

 “Customers can expect continued G-Seat product development and innovation” says SimXperience President Berney Villers .  “The same great quality of products and service will be provided and the rate of innovation accelerated”.

Both Pat and Berney expressed excitement over their plans to more rapidly innovate and expand their already industry leading racing simulation offerings during Pat’s recent visit to SimXperience’s Ohio headquarters.

"I am excited to join Berney and the rest of the SimXperience team!  SimXperience will bring the GS-4 to even more people, and will deliver improved feature-rich software with more racing title support for current GS-4 owners.  I look forward to help with development of incredible new sim-racing technology. There are some amazing new SimXperience devices on the drawing board.  These products will bring sim-racing realism to an entirely new level"   says Pat.

About SimXperience:

SimXperience is THE premier motion simulator manufacturer with expertise in electronics, engineering, manufacturing and software development. SimXperience products are utilized worldwide in driver training facilities, homes, simulation centers and race driver development programs. The company's team of software, hardware and electronics engineers has crafted the most advanced, customizable and immersive simulation available at any price point. The SimXperience Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator provides a complete professional racing simulation in your home or facility, and it's delivered ready to run. For more information contact a SimXperience representative.

James Hinchcliffe and Sebastian Saavedra help tune a SimXperience Stage V Racing Simulator