Backup Wheels?

Many sim racers keep a backup wheel in their closet because they expect their steering system to fail and don't want to miss a league race. This means that they have $300-$1000 in a closet collecting dust due to the poor reliability of existing solutions.

The AccuForce attempts to address this by utilizing only the highest quality components, providing built in redundancy for critical components and making available replacements for common wear items.

Common wear items are buttons and slip rings. These items will eventually fail and are the only items on the AccuForce that we can see needing replacement at some point in the future. It's difficult to predict when. It may be 5 years, it may be 15 years. Commercial environments where the unit runs 8 or more hours per day, every day, will require servicing before a typical consumer deployed unit.

While you could certainly get along in a league race with a failed button, you could not get along with a failed slip ring. We designed the AccuForce with the thought of abolishing the "backup wheel" concept. To that end, we include a backup cable (pictured) with the AccuForce. This cable can connect  the AccuForce enclosure base unit to the wheel button box, circumventing the slip ring while you order in a replacement.  There is no need to miss an important race, even many years down the road. Just don't misplace your backup cable!

So go ahead, sell off your backup wheel and spend that $300-$1000 on other items to enhance your sim racing experience.

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