AccuForce Pricing & Loyalty Discount


The SimXperience AccuForce Wheel will be priced as follows:

AccuForce Pro MOMO Edition - $1949

AccuForce Pro - $1749

AccuForce DIY - $1449

As a special thanks to existing SimXperience customers we're offering an $89 loyalty discount to owners of SimXperience SimVibe, Stage Series Motion Simulators and GS-4 G-Seat products. This discount will be automatically applied by our shopping cart if our records show you to own a qualifying product. This makes final pricing as follows:

AccuForce Pro MOMO Edition: $1860

AccuForce Pro - $1660

AccuForce DIY - $1360

The AccuForce is expected to be available for purchase at year end 2014.

AccuForce Sneak Peek