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Sim Commander 4 DCS Mod Incompatibility Issue - Temporary workaround

John Szpyt

The question has been closed for reason: Not relevant or out dated

Bernard Villers Jr
on 11/07/2022 12:15:59

It has recently come to my attention that launching DCS with Sim Commander 4 causes major compatibility issues with other essential DCS Mods such as DCS SimpleRadio Standalone (DCS-SRS) and Tacview. 
The DCS-SRS Mod is esspecially critical for communicating with other players on multiplayer servers using radio. 
Currently Sim Commander 4 overwrites the Export.lua file (located in C\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts. This file typically would have a call line for various mods/addons you may try to run on DCS. Each mod will usually add another line, creating a list of call lines. Sim Commander heavy handedly just wipes the whole file clean of all the mods that were there and replaces it with  "dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\ExportSX.lua]])". This kills all other mods from being able to hook to the game. 
I was working with one the develpers for the SRS mod to figure this out. This is an issue that the programmers of for Sim Commander should be able to take a look at, and hopelly fix to prevent wiping everyone's mods out on DCS. 

As unideal as this is, I have found a temporary work-around to run both SRS and launch via Sim Commander. I first had to reinstall the mod of interest, SRS, and launch DCS without Sim Commander, got on to a server and let SRS radio connect, and then closed the sim out.  I then I coppied the call line produced by the SRS Mod in the Export.lua file mentioned above into a notepad. I then relaunched DCS via Sim Commander, joined a server to let Sim Commander edit the Export.lua file and then closed down the sim. 
Sim Commander had cleared out the SRS call line, and replaced it with its own line mentioned above. I then copy/pasted the call line I saved for the SRS Mod above the line Sim Commander produces, and saved the file as READ ONLY. 

Now when I relaunch DCS via Sim Commander, I get all my GSeat (And hopefully Simvibe soon) support along with a fully functioning SRS Radio Mod (or any other mod of your choosing).