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V2 Rattle

Phil Breault

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 08/23/2023 09:25:26

Good morning all,

Just picked up a second hand V2 yesterday and got it up and running.  I'm waiting on the SC license to get transferred, we'd already submitted the form.  My question/observation is this, I'm getting what I can only describe as a rattle sensation that feels like something is almost a little loose like backlash.  It's not a delay in the feedback, just this odd feeling.  This is even going down a straight when the sim is just providing road surface feedback. I'd spent some time working through it last night in iracing with a friend whom has a v2 as well.  

I did some searching via google, and there were a few posts about a loose allen bolt on the drive shaft.  This one is nice and tight.  With the wheelbase powered down, I can turn the wheel and not feel anything rattly/gritty.    The feeling is most similar to what I would think backlash would be in a gear set.

Any insight would be appreciated.