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AccuForce V2 Pre-Release Public Test

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About the AccuForce Pro V2

The AccuForce V2 will be made available in three different packages. The AccuForce Pro V2 "Complete" ($1299), the AccuForce Pro V2 "Your Way" ($899+) and the AccuForce V2 DIY ($704).

The AccuForce Pro V2 offers the same great performance as the V1, utilizing the same highly acclaimed core components (controller, motor, quick release, adjustable button box, Sim Commander software and genuine suede steering wheel).

By optimizing our supply chain, increasing our purchase volumes, removing the slip ring / USB hub and giving the motor enclosure a fresh new look, we're able to offer the V2 at $450-$700 less than the V1 ($1749) without compromising performance.

About the Pre-Release Test

The AccuForce Pro V2 is entering the final Stage of testing, the public pre-release test. Five testers will be chosen to receive an AccuForce Pro V2 Complete. Testers must pay a $699 refundable deposit* + shipping and applicable tax. To apply for the beta, simply complete the application below. If you're chosen to participate, we'll notify you by email including the test time frame, how to purchase and other important details.

SimXperience takes testing very seriously. Testing correctly is an involved and time consuming process. We ask that you not apply if you are unable to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the testing and feedback process.

*At any point in the testing process, SimXperience may request the return of the test product and issue a refund.

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