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5 Dec 2014

AccuForce Pricing & Loyalty Discount

AccuForce Pricing & Loyalty Discount

Author: Berney Villers  /  Categories: AccuForce Wheel  /  Rate this article:

The SimXperience AccuForce Wheel will be priced as follows

AccuForce Pro MOMO Edition - $1949
AccuForce Pro - $1749
AccuForce DIY - $1449

As a special thanks to existing SimXperience customers we're offering an $89 loyalty discount to owners of SimXperience SimVibe, Stage Series Motion Simulators and GS-4 G-Seat products. This discount will be automatically applied by our shopping cart if our records show you to own a qualifying product. This makes final pricing as follows:

AccuForce Pro MOMO Edition: $1860
AccuForce Pro - $1660
AccuForce DIY - $1360

The AccuForce is expected to be available for purchase at year end 2014.


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12 comments on article "AccuForce Pricing & Loyalty Discount"


Ken Parkin

12/5/2014 4:16 PM

Great news. Any idea of shipping costs/duty to the UK?


Stephen Garemogg

12/5/2014 6:34 PM

I have used a duty calculator and used £200 as a estimate of the shipping (that's how much it costs to ship the stage 1 to the UK so will likely be less) and I was given £237 for VAT and it should be duty free as a gaming controller but whether customs will accept that I don't know.

You can find full details of the calculation here:


Matt Pierce

12/5/2014 6:43 PM

Can't wait to order!


1) I understand being new I'm not really a loyal customer but would the discount apply ordering SimVibe, Stage kit and the AccuForce wheel or do I need to order those separate.

2) About the versions/packages

Pro MOMO = what we've seen in pictures..

Pro = motor, controller, generic quick release wheel?

DIY = motor, controller, no wheel (bare shaft)?



Eric Bergeron

12/5/2014 10:27 PM

"""The AccuForce is expected to be available for purchase at year end 2014."""

One issue that concerns me. All those on the waiting list, will they get their AF quickly or there will be a delay due to production?


Brendan Hobbart

12/5/2014 11:15 PM

Thanks for offering this Berney! Very generous.


Mark Ellis

12/6/2014 11:02 PM

Thank Guys really looking forward to this setup, Dont forget my email when they are ready to go. Hopefully a Christmas Project and Merry Christmas to all Sim Drivers

Thanks best to all

Mark Ellis


Paul Loatman

12/7/2014 1:11 AM

I'm also interested to know what exactly comes with the different versions.


Saleem Hodge

12/8/2014 4:23 AM

The excitement is killing me!

I've been eyeing doing a sim vibe setup on my rig but was holding off because the accuforce comes with the software already correct. So for a new customer, this would be a wash correct? But for all of you that have already purchased products before, that's an awesome gift!


Giuseppe Stia

12/9/2014 10:13 AM

I have read that the ''AccuForce" will be produced in Germany too, you will sell it here in Europe without import duties?


Ben Saunders

12/9/2014 11:39 AM

How do I get on the waiting list for this?


Steven Pescetti

12/13/2014 8:27 PM

I'm ready to place an order myself for the AccuForce. I just downloaded Simvibe yesterday. I'm still curious about pedals and a shifter. I guess that is a separate purchase???

Keep me posted please!!


Giuseppe Stia

1/12/2015 8:57 AM

I am interested in buying it, I want to know if the prices are inclusive of VAT.

I would also like to know if you have quantified the shipping costs for Europe and if it is sent as a game controller (in this case there should be no customs duties but only VAT of 22% for Italy).

Finally, I wanted to know how to sign in the pre-order list.

Thank You!

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